Disney is Ruining My Kid.


Disney has been ruining my kid…. a job I can do quite well on my own, thank you.

 I know, it sounds drastic.  Don’t worry, I am not going to launch into a ridiculous diatribe about how Frozen has a hidden gay agenda (huge eye roll) or is turning my girls in to glittery, sparkly princesses who need a prince to save them, (we are over that stage, thank god) or that Miley Cyrus grew up and dared to climb out of her Hannah Montana box.

In the interest of being a pretty laid back mom,  who fights against my extremely conservative upbringing, I have tried to adopt a more moderate view of the world and it’s evils.  With my girls, I am trying a more balanced approach, believing that they should not be sheltered constantly from American culture, taught to fear and judge and overreact to everything they see.  My general philosophy has been to allow them to take part in age-appropriate music, movies and t.v.

That said, I may have gone too far…

Its been a brutal winter and  I confess, my kids watched too much T.V.  School was cancelled. ALL THE TIME.  There was only so much hot chocolate and board games I could muster before I would hand them the remote and rock quietly in a dark corner of my kitchen with a bottle of wine.

Now, I did check in with them, shouting “whatcha watching?”  and they would yell, “A.N.T. Farm!” or “Kickin’ It!” or “Good Luck Charlie!”  I investigated, and these shows are all listed as appropriate for 8+.  Fine.  Every once in a while, they would call me in to watch some joke they thought was  “Soooo hilarious, mom!” and I would try not to think about how they should be watching something on the History channel instead.  Kids deserve some mindless, silly comedy with no educational purpose, just like I deserve to watch Sister Wives and Grey’s Anatomy.  No big.


A few months ago, my husband and I started noticing some differences in one of our daughter’s behavior.  She wasn’t acting like herself, she seemed to be putting on a show.   She would fling her hair about and act like a sassy teenager and use lingo  that sounded inauthentic and contrived coming from her.  In these moods she was extra silly, always looking for a laugh.

When this would happen, I tried to talk to her about it.  I pointed out that it did not feel like her “real” personality, and that people can sense when someone is not being authentic.  We talked about crossing the line between silly and obnoxious.   I stepped up my emphasis on important qualities like kindness, generosity, creativity.   I asked her if she was acting like people on tv, and after much pressure, she would admit that she was getting a her sayings and jokes from the Disney channel.

At this point, no real alarm bells were going off.  She was experimenting, and we were talking about it.  It opened lines of communication for me.  A little hair tossing and Disney “lingo” was not going to ruin her.

But then, this dear daughter got into some trouble with friends at school.  I met with her teachers and spoke to the parents of the other girls involved, and was shocked to hear of some of the social things going on with my child at school.   She is a sensitive, loving, girl who is usually fiercely  loyal and empathetic… the reports of her behavior did not match what I knew of my girl. She was saying hurtful and judgemental things about other girls’, throwing around conceited declarations,  among other shocking things.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I am all for personal responsibility and I am in no way interested in making lame excuses for my child.  We dealt with the situation and helped her learn painful but necessary lessons about jealousy, friendship, self-control, and hurtful words.

While she was at school during this week, I spent a good amount of time in quiet reflection.  The week’s events had been extremely trying as a parent, I found myself in new territory.  Acting on instinct, I spent a day watching some of her favorite  Disney shows, from start to finish…looking for answers.


Parents.  Are you watching this garbage?

I certainly had not been.  Beyond the quick minute or two, I had never sat and watched an episode of A.N.T Farm with the girls.  Because it is Disney.  How the hell do you go from Doc McStuffins, a show that SAVED ME countless tears at the pediatrician’s office, to this absolute trash?    I so very wrongly figured that a company like Disney would not be promoting cruelty, bullying and sexism in their shows for young, impressionable children.  I was completely mortified as I watched.

These shows are laced with terrible social behavior.   Like the scene in one, where a “nerdy” boy walks up to a pretty “popular” girl and asks her out… she threw her bowling ball and ran away screaming.  *Cue audience laughter*

There were so many examples of rude, mean responses to difficult social situations for kids, followed by the character shrugging it off, recorded laughter, and the characters moving on without showing any realistic emotions.  No anger, no hurt feelings.  Comedy.

I was disgusted.  How in the world will we teach our children to be kind and put a stop to cruel behavior in schools when THE DISNEY CHANNEL is showing these bullying behaviors followed by laughter and no emotional response???    It was clear where my daughter had gotten the impression that these kinds of conceited one liners and arrogant vanity was playful and a harmless way to get a laugh.

Just when I thought I had seen the worst, there was a scene that made blood shoot from my eyeballs.  A pretentious girl, conspiring to create a room-sized walk in closet for all her makeup! and clothes! and shoes!  was asked by two boys to help them with a math problem.   She does.

 To which they exclaim, “Thank you, you are a genius!”

The girl is offended.

 The boys hurriedly fix their ghastly mistake with,   “Oh! I mean you are SO beautiful!”

 ….and she prances away, satisfied.

Excuse me while I heave.

Shame on me for exposing my daughter to this kind of garbage.


What  talented person working over there in the Disney CO.  believes this is an appropriate message for 8 + girls in 2014?


 They are out to make conceit and rejection funny. They are sending intentional messages to girls about how they should value their looks and their walk-in closets over their brains! Now, I realize that not all children are going to be as susceptible as my daughter was to copying the abhorrent behavior on these shows.  But I have more than one daughter.  And who knows how they have been internalizing this bullshit.  It’s outrageous.

After picking up the kids from school, my girls and I sat and re-watched these shows.  I wanted to gouge my eyes out.  As we watched, I paused it every single time someone said something cruel, every time the fake audience laughed inappropriately at what in real life would be someone’s serious emotional pain.  We talked about what would actually happen if you acted like that with your friends, and how you can’t repair things by declaring “Just KIDDING!”  I showed them the “genius” scene and we had a long talk about the awful and unacceptable message it sends to girls about dumbing down, caring only about appearance, objectification… my daughters got more than they bargained for that afternoon.

As a parent, when the kids are watching t.v., it’s mostly because I need a moment.  To make dinner.  To help someone else with homework.  To gather my sanity.  These few examples permanently damaged my trust in the Disney Channel and the trash they are producing for our kids.

It’s hard enough to raise kids who will have the moral fortitude to stand up for themselves and for each other.  It’s hard enough to teach my little girls to be proud and brave and own their bodies and their brains without apology.  To recognize and condemn cruelty and sexism. It’s hard enough to get a moment to catch my breath and feel like my kids are safe and entertained for 30 minutes under the DISNEY umbrella without unwittingly downloading vain, cruel, and damaging sexist garbage into their impressionable brains.

Shame on my naiveté and trust in the Disney name.

Believe me… lesson learned.

666 thoughts on “Disney is Ruining My Kid.

  1. The unfortunate truth is, this is everywhere, not just disney. If you will take a look at one of my favorite documentaries on not only television, but commercials. It is called “Consuming Kids: The Commercialization of childhood. The Video title is written in another language, but it is in english. If you are a parent you will want to watch this, and spread it around on facebook or other social networking websites. :)

  2. Why is this a surprise to ANYONE? This same argument has been played out time after time. Going back to Elvis, and how “this new rock and roll is ruining our youth”. Fast forward to my youth in the 80’s, MTV and video games were going to cause me and my friends to all become sex crazed psychopaths. But, in the end the alarmist’s predictions were incorrect. I’m a well adjusted adult with a wonderful wife and two great kids (who do, I admit watch too much TV).

    My point isn’t that I think the author of this story is incorrect, in fact the shows highlighted are not decent, lesson based programs, they are TV junk food. Just like Grey’s or Pawn Stars…ECT. My point is, YOU raise your kids, YOU are in charge of their moral lessons, YOU are what will keep them from becoming awful human beings. It’s what YOU do as a parent that will undo the crap that TV will push into their heads. And here is the biggest secret of all!!!! Wait for it…..

    It’s not that hard!

    Don’t need to buy parenting books!

    Just lead by example…your children look up to YOU. They watch your every move to help guide their evolving persona. They want you to be proud of them, to love and nurture them.

    STOP BLAMING THE MEDIA!!! It’s an old and tired argument. And honestly a lazy one. I’m going to go pry my kids from the TV and take them on a bike ride now.

    • Take this from a teen who is also a young independent game developer and is very against blaming the media for behaviours (because it throws unneeded curve balls at my industry)… I’ve done massive research on some previous arguments stating my industry was behind the inspiration of crimes committed. So I can tell you that there is a huge difference here… All of these so called “Crime Glorifiers” that have popped up in the gaming industry all have one thing in common. They all have a mature rating. Now parents putting these games in the hands of small children is a definite example of poor parenting and people judging them as a cause of crimes is SLIGHTLY (huge emphasis there) understandable. However these shows (while not violent or sex related) all have ratings stating their appropriate for children of young ages. And they glorify acting in the most appalling manner to others. And yes I 100% agree with your statement of leading by example, but take this from a caring brother who is going through this with his once sweet, caring, and independent sisters; your example can still be overpowered by someone setting an example that lives a life that is also glorified by these shows, being rich and famous.

      It’s unfortunate and rather painful to withstand. And I still try to this day to point out what’s wrong with these shows to them. I grew up with shows like Drake and Josh, the old Spongebob, and also a wide variety of classic cartoons, and something they all had that these shows don’t are that when a character did something bad, they were punished. Because of these examples set by new shows, my sisters they think they can get away with anything which is why these watching these shows is still a problem because they’ll even sneak behind our backs to watch them.

      Sigh… Look if you don’t agree with me thats fine, you are completely entitled to your rather valid opinion. I just hope maybe you’ll understand why were backlashing. It’s because Disney is a company we’ve grown to trust our children (or siblings in my case) with for over the course of a century. And when we see them suddenly being the hail bringer of this mind plaguing content we go on to express our concern.

    • OH, yeah, read this and come back and say this again.



      Now, I am sorry to have to give you this news, but you are going to have to give up using the TV and Disney for babysitting and get back to Parenting again. Sorry, it was done over the past few centuries and I am sure you can manage it until they turn 18. Part of parenting is watching what they watch and censoring what is inappropriate material. I suspect that is why so many of our kids on psychotropic drugs are committing suicide. And others with their violent laced IPOD are murdering unarmed women and children and throwing little puppies over cliffs and laughing at how funny it was. I saw this myself on a news program with video and sound and it was brutal and scary that these were Americans, but not the Americans I have always known.

    • Your right about your role in parenting your children, but you are dead wrong about the impact of social engineering on them DURING THEIR PEER GROUP DEVELOPMENT PERIOD, where you have no affect at all. By the time they reach that age, they are set in their basics from you, but then the mixed messages begin and confusion sets in and then finally expeimentation and what happens when one of those experiements from MTV, feels better and more satisfying than your teachings? If you give them the signal that TV only brings good and not bad, and do not teach discrimination, then they are unarmed against a powerful mind altering system of entertainment that has been developed for years since 1958 and revised again in 1979 to meet the new technological tools that out pace parentling and leave you and your moral teachings behind. You can blame parents all you want, but that will never negate your responsibility to lead and guide and instruct them with the respect to the evil that these programmings that are satanic provide to these kids.

      The satanic message given by these programs without saying so, is, DO AS THOU WILT, WITHOUT REGARD TO WHOM IT MAY HARM. If you are uneducated when it comes to their programming, brainwashing, their disregard for the healthy up bringing of your children, they are capable of undoing all the work you put in and leading your children into a life of misery and possible danger. Why do you think there are 900,000 missing children in this nation as we speak? Notice, no milk cartons, no posters, and no press helping to recover these kids? You better find out why all this is happening.

  3. I am actually horrified by this article, not by Disney. First off, after much pressure you got your daughter to admit. Isn’t that exactly the tactics that get police in trouble during interrogations? How can you be sure that you’re not pressurei g her into saying what she thinks you want to hear? Second, I don’t care if it is Disney, PSB, History Channel, or anything else age appropriate or educational, if your child is watching it, you watch it. I have always said that every new Disney show is horrible and either grows into it’s own or remains horrible past the first half season. A.N.T. Farm remained horrible. However, every episode that I have watched, they make the blond girl into a character that I wouldn’t want to be and if you were watching the shows with your kids, then you could talk about why you wouldn’t want to be that girl right then and there. Point is, don’t use the tv as a babysitter or (for older kids) as a chance or a few quiet moments, use it as a teaching tool. Enteract with your kids while you watch the shows they love. And you and your kid will have a better relationship.

  4. Lizzie McGuire was a good show that balanced the reality of the ugliness of hierarchies in middle school and how true friendships can help you through it. Was it educational? Perhaps not. But it felt honest. The problem with a lot of today’s Disney shows is that the laughs feel forced, and I think shows like A.N.T. Farm are more focused on reflecting youth culture rather than influencing it.

    • I was about to mention Lizzie McGuire! It was an excellent show that actually taught moral lessons. This crap is just terrible! And yes, part of it should be good parenting, but some kids are truly impressionable so parents should watch out for it.

    • That’s So Raven did the same thing, and often had messages about big issues like racism, environmentalism and positive body image.

  5. The shows from Disney Channel are full of mental-psychological conditioning and indoctrination garbages. They are produced by people who hate this country and hate Jude-Christian traditions and ways of life. Stop watching garbages from Disney Channel!

  6. I agree in a way that some shows today are just plain stupid. Nickelodeon is the WORST channel on TV right now. But I agree with those who said kids act on how they are brought up. If they see you being cruel then they will be too. There is so much pressure on kids today. People start their kids on learning programs from the time they’re two or three and they’re in school til they’re 17 or 18. No, I don’t have kids but take it from someone who was raised in a Christian home and allowed to just be a kid. I watched Nickelodeon and Disney. And guess what? When I acted up I got my butt whooped. Not sat down and talked to for an hour about the “proper” way to act. Yes, I was told what was wrong about what I did, but. I was allowed to be a kid. I’m not saying that what is being shown is OK, but people need to realize that TV isn’t the only thing that should influence them. Let kids be kids and go outside and play instead of sitting in front of a TV or computer all day!

  7. I honestly think that disney is running children these days and its not kids will actually watch disney than get their homework done, what im trying to say is that disney controls children from focusing on school!!!!!!!

  8. Reblogged this on deewillsblog and commented:
    I honestly think the disney is running children because instead of kids focusing on school, and their homework they are more focusing on watch disney channel show, what i’m trying to say is that kids wont do good in school if the keep getting distracted of disney channel shows!!!!!

  9. I heard about that documentary that Kat mentioned, which is why my kid (she’s 4) only watches kid appropriate Netflix cartoons and PBS. No commercials and I have the added benefit of taking her to the store and her not suffering from the “I wants”.
    She has no clue who or what any of the Disney characters are (beyond the fairies and that’s due to Netflix) beyond some of the Disney movies.
    That being said, we watch her shows with her. We are her compass and are responsible for the type of person she becomes. Frankly, outside of a few movies, everything we let her watch is educational.

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  11. Thank you so much for this! Brought this up not too long ago that there is so much emphasis on anti bullying programs in schools but at the same time all school aged programs that are on TV have these exactly being nothing but bullies to each other. unfortunately it doesn’t stop at Disney. Shows on Nickelodeon are just. Out of all the shows the one on Disney that showed the least I felt was good luck charlie. Even though they did say some unnecessary rude things there were at least consequences. tired of the shows showing kids doing things the horrid or acting ways a terrible and totally getting away with it. I discussions with me girls it shows I tried to be fair and let them watch some so they’re not given a hard time however there have been some Disney shows on Nickelodeon shows are banned from our home. I’m also over all the people who say we need to stop blaming the media overall collective effort. Parents do need to be there to teach their children right from wrong but at the same the media does need to be held accountable for what they say is appropriate for our children. Why did so many people started smoking way back when? Every single person you saw was smoking a cigarette and in the 80s so many teen idols would be shown smoking and many teens did as well. You can’t tell me media has nothing to do with how people are. Look at how many people will discuss and make an uproar about something on tv but real world problems they will do nothing. Look at fashions and styles that are created through media.

  12. I really like this article! Shows that show anything different on Disney like good luck charlie and shake it up, or abruptly cancels after just a few seasons. Teddy and Rocky were really good protagonist for their series

  13. We don’t have a TV in our house for this exact reason… Well written article… Makes me so angry this crap is being pushed on our kids… Thanks for writing and sharing, going to check out your other blog posts too! Esther

  14. I am not that old (23 to be precise) and was very recently a teen watching these shows. As I hit 19, got married and kids of my own I couldn’t help but wonder how my parents ever let me watch such rubbish…

  15. I have Disney blocked. I noticed a change in my son when he was watching those shows at age 9. Anytime I notice huge changes in his attitude I usually find out he has been watching Disney somewhere else. I may use the method of taking time to pause and discuss an episode so he can learn to make good decisions. Thank you!

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  17. I agree that Disney is not a source for good behavioral examples, but then again why should it be? That’s YOUR JOB! The morale of the story is that rocking in the dark with a bottle of wine while the TV raises your kids is a poor parenting choice, regardless of how many snow days you experienced this winter. Here’s a suggestion put the wine down and go sledding, skating or just play in the snow, maybe even …wait for it…READ A BOOK! This laissez-faire modern sense of parenting is just an excuse for laziness. I m glad that you got to the bottom of it after your kid was cruel to another person’s child. There is zero substitute for a monitoring parent. The most prevalent example in the lives of children are the ones that their parents present.

  18. This is so fascinating. I did a paper on the effects of the music industry (specifically Disney’s machine) and was astounded by the results. I’m so glad you took the time to blog and be so honest about it. I’m so ashamed of Disney Channel today.

  19. I think the same thing is happening in my house. I quit watching the Disney Channel after all the “good shows” ended. Now I don’t know what they have children watching–a bunch of non sense– that’s what it is.

    • Don’t you find it interesting this all matches the dumbing down in school, that has been federalized? Both places now override parents as the chief decision maker when it comes to their children. A mother was arrested because she refused to give permission to the school to drug her kid with a psychoptropic drug called Ritalin, because she asked too many questions and thus was unmanageable, so they drugged her. What kind of BS is that???? We have much bigger problem than Disney, that is for sure.

      • Sure there are more important things to worried about, but let’s start with The Disney Channel. The Disney Channel does play a role in the things that children do after they watch the shows on that channel. You giving me a news feed about a mother getting arrested does not justify anything. You don’t know if her kid watches that channel. I get your point don’t get me wrong, but The Disney Channel is poisoning our children and that was my point.

  20. Amazing article! I have four daughters (yep, that’s a lot of sas to cope with even without the Disney influence!) and I had to stop them from watching the Disney shows, the shows are TERRIBLE! I also noticed the same behavior coming especially from my eldest daughter, who would strike a pose, shift her hair and say “whatever mom”!!!!!! I truly wish everyone would wake up to this horrible truth!

    Not only that, the adults act like a bunch of mindless morons, the mothers and fathers are clueless and the kids seem to be the household leaders! I found that there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that can be learned from the shows, therefore the shows are useless to a young susceptible mind anyway!

  21. And lets not forget the fact that it also sends a message to our sons that if girls don’t find them attractive, athletic, extremely masculine, D-bags then no “Pretty” girls won’t acknowledge them or even want to date them. They will have imprinted in their minds that “The popular girl won’t go to prom with me” “the pretty girl in my class probably will make fun of how I am good at math.” No son of mine will allow himself to have the idea that he will always be subject to ridicule and no respect.

  22. my son is a young boy . not a teen , he was under 4 when i noticed he would behave like a teen and having behavior issues after watching seemingly innocent cartoons . those issues stopped after i deleted that channel from the list. we can always watch mickey mouse on dvd’s or online and do so together rather than battling with my son because of disney’s agenda. it’s sad what they become …so far from Walt Disney’s character.

  23. When I was Indonesia I noticed that they had a whole attitude of superiority of light skin and shunning ugly people. It was on the billboards, it was everywhere. Picture – Here I am in a small village, and they tell me I am under dressed and I can’t be walking around like that so I would have to go out and buy new clothes in order to walk around with them.

    One day I watched a popular Indonesian movie with them that involved an ugly girl liking a handsome guy and then she becomes more hideous due to an accident and he kills her. It was really sad to me but even sadder that everyone else was laughing.

    We all look to each other for cues on what is right and wrong… and we also overlook things. The world is a scary place when you see the lies we learn by what is implied.

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  25. Your post is very eye-opening and every parent should read it and be more pro-active with what their children are exposed to on t.v.
    I would like to also mention that 99% of tv has gone downhill in the last 10 years. I remember when you tuned into The Learning Channel, or The Travel Channel and the History channel and actually learned something. Now they are all “reality” shows that promote nothing but bad behavior and narrow points of view.

  26. I hear you my kids are grown but when I am doing things during the day I will put on cartoons and such for background noise and won’t get caught up in what is on usually but one day I stopped on Disney and wow was i ever shocked at what I saw on there. My son has two daughters and my daughter does too so I warned them not let the girls watch those shows.

  27. So, in some neighborhoods, do you know what’s ruining children? Poverty, homelessness, malnutrition, gangs and drugs, lack of educational and economic opportunities, environmental conditions and urban blight, and a multitude of other serious issues. And, in some places on this planet, there is war, starvation and plenty of other horrible things that children experience first hand every day. Although we all appreciate your concern about the problems facing your children, if the only thing “ruining” your children is Disney Channel (and, for some reason, not any other things in life), then consider yourself blessed. The way I see it, you have rich people problems and I’m not all that moved or inspired to take action against some kids show when there are far more serious things in the world to pay attention to (by the way, kids shows that I’m sure many, many, many mothers at Disney work on to develop, write, produce, market, research, etc.). So, good luck with your burdensome Disney Channel problems. By the way, the easy fix for that is to simply turn off the TV. Two easy steps: (1) lift finger and (2) press “off” on the remote. Got it? Unfortunately, the fixes required in many places in the world outside of your home are a bit more challenging.

    And talk about hypocrisy! You are the typical “Do as I say, not as I do” hypocritical parent! You watch the show Sister Wives!! By viewing that show, you commercially/financially support a show about a male polygamist with a bunch of wives and you have the audacity to lecture us about sexism?! Are you serious?! Ha! It reminds me of that blues song that goes “before you accuse me, take a look at yourself.”

    And, by the way, if you haven’t figured it out already, the thing “ruining” your children is not your TV or Disney. It’s you. Let that marinate in your head for a while. It will make sense in a few short years when you finally see your children squeezing out of your overly-restrictive, hypercritical and hypocritical, overly-dramatic, exaggerated, judgmental grip and then start acting out because you refuse to let your children grow up.

    • Yikes.

      There are plenty of amazing and supportive people who have read and commented here, which I appreciate. And there are plenty of people that have some pretty harsh words. That’s ok too. It’s the internet.

      It amazes me, people like you, who respond so critically and unkindly to a post that is about striving to raise more kind, loving, thoughtful people in the world. I messed up, as a parent. And I freely admitted it in my post. I also did something to correct my error, and thought it would be a good idea to warn other parents of the content that had such an impact on my child. Good parenting is filled with mistakes and oversights… it is our willingness to realize them and take action that raises the bar, not a perfect record.

      I am hoping that my children will reach for kindness, for love, for caring… all the human qualities one might need to embody in order to do something meaningful with their lives, and perhaps help make a difference in the “real world” problems you so sweetly outlined. It is not productive to claim that people do not have the right to address concerns in their lives due to the more serious issues in the world. There is always someone with bigger problems. So it is our duty as parents and as people to live the best life we can, and be as open as possible to love.

      I find no love in your mean and cynical message.

      Letting our kids grow up is essential, and pointing out moments and influences that may get in the way of their own happiness and joy is part of the process. It is our role, as parents, to provide insight and instruction when our child’s behavior is not in alignment with our values.

      Clearly, our values are not the same, as I believe in being constructive and helpful rather than rude and sarcastic. I believe in adding to the love and generosity in the world, rather than tearing others apart or trolling to leave hatful, angry vitriol.

      If you believe a short piece about one small part of my life is the whole entire story of my parenting and my contribution to the world, I suggest you begin to read things on the internet a bit differently. You are being astonishingly short sighted.

      All the best to you.

      • I would like to start by describing the place my children were found prior to being in foster care, and us adopting them: and I quote from the post above, ” Poverty, homelessness, malnutrition, gangs and drugs, lack of educational and economic opportunities, environmental conditions and urban blight, and a multitude of other serious issues.” Yes, I monitor what they watch on TV, and Disney, Nick, and pretty much the entire lineup is not on the list of watchable TV. I agree with the idea that Disney channel has gone downhill, but until the last hungry, beaten, sunburned, half starved, and unloved child is cared for – I will not lift a finger to assist with this ridiculous problem – the kids I’m talking about would never know Disney in the first place. They wouldn’t be watching TV from the tent their family lived in anyway. I would gladly trade the things we deal with day to day for a simply problem like what they watch on TV.

      • David,

        I can appreciate your perspective and I’m so glad your children found a safe home with your love.
        I am not asking that people spend enormous time and resources “taking up a cause” against Disney. I simply wrote of my discovery of the negative effects the shows were having on my child and wanted to point it out to other parents in case they find themselves in similar circumstances. Of course a tv show is much less harmful than poverty and violence. Those of us who are blessed with the ability to escape these terrible problems within the raising of our families still need to be aware and up to date on the elements that have an influence on our kids… Even if they are privileged. Unfortunately, bullying and unkind behavior at school has dire effects… No matter what your economic status is. We are seeing this in the violence in schools all across our country. It is important to be aware. That is all I am attempting to call forth in my article.
        I am so grateful that you were able to provide this kind of safety for your sweet kids. Thanks for your comment.

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  29. Thank you. I thought I was the only who was noticing this. These shows are terrible and it seems like there is no middle ground for my daughter who just turned 7. She doesn’t want to watch “baby” shows anymore so the alternative is getting saturated with boyfriends, relationships, crappy attitudes, and other tween topics that are clearly intended for an older audience. Pass.

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  31. YES!!!! You hit the nail on the head! We have roku and my 5 YEAR OLD!!!!!, wanted to watch them, I protested until I was blue in the face. When the matter was finally brought to my husband he said that he was ok with it, and my response was, ” ok, when she starts actinglike an asshole, it was your choice to let her watch it” ( not in front of her). And sure enough a few months later I she was and I pulled the plug! Literally! I am very disappointed with what Disney has become. Never again though! Never again!

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  34. Amen! I thought I was the only one who saw this trend! I actually started watching Disney channel a while ago when we got it as a part of our cable deal. I saw a few shows and liked it, but then I saw a few more. I noticed sexism that really made me uncomfortable and furious, and it wasn’t even corrected or sent any type or closure to the audience towards to end of the show, as if it wasn’t even a problem in the show or a lesson to be taught to begin with!! WTH?! Also, I started watching Victorious, and it was alright, but one of the characters in the show, who is always trying to fit in, as seen as the stupid, hopeless girl, who only causes problems, and of course, for added humour, everyone rejects her and puts her down. These shows seem to lack values and are a huge downgrade from the society we have now, which honestly, isn’t the greatest as is… Disney channel is despicable :/

  35. Oh wow. Thank god someone other than myself noticed what Disney is doing to children. I am currently 16, but I noticed this around the age of 10. Family members of mine would watch Disney and I mean even though I was young I still knew there was a certain way for people my age to act haha, but I’d notice say my cousins being sassy like on the shows they would watch and I didn’t like it. Even now I noticed it in my little sister before my mother did. I’m not the type of person to really make smart mouth comments or anything but when my 10 year old sister is able to counter everything I do and say with a smart comment it’s bad. When my mother did notice oh boy she wasn’t happy, and attempted to keep her separated from Disney but it didn’t last for long. Currently my little sister has the mouth of a grown woman :(. Haha yes being older I suffer through this everyday trying to be the good brother.

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  37. Hey people…
    Its mindless TV. Brainwashing children with TV? If your 8 year old is too sheltered to realize the whole bowling ball joke isnt real life… then maybe you should stop sheltering her. Reading these things makes me feel oh so bad for your kids. Let them watch a damn TV show.

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