IMG_1983I AM a woman.

I AM a mother.

I AM a lover.

I AM a teacher.

I AM an artist.

I AM a writer.

I AM a coach.

I AM beautiful.

I AM brave.

I AM whole.

I AM spirit.


Indeed, that is all I need to be.

I have moved through my life with a deep, aching need to know. To connect.  To feel deeply and meaningfully, and to write.

That ache lead me down many winding roads, and most recently, into a master’s degree in Consciousness Studies.  Every moment of that learning was like coming home.  A deep, powerful, resonance.

Part of my Consciousness program offered a certificate program on Transformational Coaching.  The valedictorian, perfectionist student in me signed up, because, why not make it harder?

I was shocked to discover that coaching was not as cheesy and superficial as I once thought.  I had the wrong impression.   Coaching is deep, personal work.  A creative relationship where I experienced a level of listening and non-judgement I had never known before.  I AM INDEED took on a whole new face.  And, I began to explore the nature of my yearning for an authentic life…. and have been astounded by my discoveries.  I began to know my husband, my three children, my parents, and most importantly, my self in a more expansive, meaningful way.

This blog used to be my story.  The old posts here are curiosities for me now.  It is a representation of where I came from, who I believed myself to be, the thoughts that created my world…. and a true measure of my personal transformation at this point.

I use this blog to WAKE UP.  To breathe life back into my be-ing. to finally follow the dreams that lead me, to make sense of the moments big and small in my life that have revealed parts of my soul.

To awaken myself to all that I know is already within.



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  1. You are also daughter. My daughter. My very brave,intelligent,intuitive, and oh so special daughter. May this part of your journey bring you all the peace, happiness and wholeness you are seeking and lovingly deserve. Love you!

  2. Oh Megan…Do you know, that people search their whole life to find all the answers. You have already figured out that everything that happens in your life good or bad is to teach or build your character! You have the most loving, free spirit! Don’t ever give up on your journey. You have such a gift, with your honesty, humor and humanity! Please, don’t ever change!

  3. What a beautiful step you’re taking! Life is a journey! Follow the path that makes you your authentic self! To find peace, wholeness, happiness, and who you are takes a sensitive and brave soul! Enjoy the journey! Peace! Suzy

  4. I was wondering if you would mind me sharing your post ‘Peeling Back Layers of Ugly: The Gay Reality’ with a few of my gay/lgbta friends? I certainly want to respect your privacy and blog followers, so I await your permission before sharing your words. Thank you Meg. I will completely understand if you say no.

    • Jeremy, you are welcome to share with anyone. I wrote this post to help other’s feel less alone, and to challenge others to openly look at their beliefs and let the fear go…. so please share.

  5. Wow, wow, wow! What a beautiful, life- and spirit-affirming statement. Brava!! (A personal note: reading your words inspires and encourages me in my current mission to free myself from a spirit-killing abusive marriage. Thank you.)

  6. I left my faith, not Mormon but Adventist. I am searching, following my heart, questioning.

    I fear I left the truth.

    And I just left the man who loved me and challenged me to find my own truth. Because I broke, because I wanted to die, because I must heal myself, because I do not love myself, I let him go.

    Your blog made me weep. It makes me feel less alone. Thank you.

    • I am sorry you are in pain right now, and facing big challenges. You are not alone. It’s so hard to start questioning deeply held beliefs. I understand. Hang in there, move through it.

  7. Hello Meg,
    I’m in a similar situation as your brother, and I’d really love to talk with you privately. Would it be possible to email you? Thanks! 🙂

  8. Forgive me, but being gay IS A CHOICE. I’ve known many gays throughout my life. Some will try to sell you the party line: that you’re ‘born gay’. But other gays will tell you that’s not so.

    But our elites these days, have chosen, for their own nefarious reasons, to shove homosexuality down our throats, and the gays are going along with it quite happily.

    Gays lie constantly about who and what they are. They say they are 10% of the population- they are not. They say they’re born that way. They are not. They say that a gay man is a woman’s ‘best friend’- I found out the hard way, that they most assuredly are not. They say they don’t ‘recruit’, when they most assuredly do (and will admit it when amongst the ‘right’ group).

    Homosexuality demoralizes the populace; it helps destroy the family, reduces the birthrate- which is what the people in charge want.

    I am sorry about your brother, and I agree that gays (as have all people) been treated unfairly; but there is an outsized portion of viciousness and mental illness in that community.

    I am just saying to be careful, that’s all.

    • At what point in your life did you choose to be heterosexual? And why does two people loving each other destroy family? I’m sorry, you are not forgiven for your ignorance and intolerance and for bringing additional unnecessary pain and judgement to our world. Being gay is not a conspiracy. It is not so complicated. Love is love.

  9. Good work with disney disclosure…job well done. As you would have known the so called “disney stars” are being controlled and managed by pedophile directors. The sexual exploitation by disney is like attracting these predators sitting infront of tv screen to come to them like honey bees on flowers.

    Vigilantcitizen carried and mentioned your efforts on these reveations on their blog as well.

    Truth shall always win in my opinion, but what hurts me we don’t have many like you.

    Anyhow I like your blog ; yo serm to be well-connected with your innerself the soul and thanks for sharing rumi quote:) and also you got a beautyful smile.

    Keep up the good work and don’t stop yourself on anything less then great.

  10. I just wanted to thank you for your blog. I came out to my family over 6 years ago and we still don’t talk about it. They are your typical oblivious Mormon that can’t understand what it’s like to be on the receiving end of hate the sin but love the sinner. Anyway thanks for helping people to understand.

  11. Hi! I am a student in Dual Enrollment doing a research paper for a class about the impact of media on young people. I am focusing specifically on Disney(channel tv. shows and movies), and I noticed you had a couple of posts about Disney and I wanted to ask if it was okay to use your post as a source/quote some of the things you say from a parents perspective. If its not just let me know.

  12. Your article is THE best thing I have ever read. I have miso, my son has miso. I desperately want to do better for him that I did for myself. I want to reduce his stress level and make his life more manageable. He recetnly suffered the most horrifc trauma you could think of and it has exaccerbated his miso terribly. I would really like to talk to you……especiually about the hearing aids. could we please please talk. Sendig you so much love and hope from California – Jessica

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