Gratitude, the Collective Cup

“Invisible threads are the strongest ties.”

― Friedrich Nietzsche

I can not stop watching this video.  I found it on Brene Brown’s blog, where I was seeking solace from a very difficult morning…needing a bit of inspiration and a lift in spirit.

I needed to find a place of gratitude to reset myself.

What an instant spirit boost… it worked after the first view, but I like to be extreme about everything, so I have, of course, watched it about ten times.  Ok  fifteen.   Well, maybe more like twenty.  

What an amazing experience for these kids.  I love the amazing feeling of community and interconnectedness that washes over me just watching the video.

There is something transformative about participating in something so collective and beautiful.  It is a reminder of our unity and wholeness, the energy that pulses through a group when they are all working as one….it is the essence of God, of Spirit.  Going to a concert, singing a hymn at church, or the National Anthem at a ball game can expand your spirit, provide a much-needed out-of-body experience.  It allows you to take a step outside of your inner consciousness and remember the truth…we are all tiny pieces of an unimaginably beautiful whole.

In the moment these kids are sharing, their spirits are linking up, arm in arm, becoming one cohesive power that as the ability to pierce through my tears this morning, sweep my spirit up, and take me there, to a different country, a different language, and feel that I belong there too.

A reminder that the power of connection is what transcends.

And my cup can not hold the swell of


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